• 05/11/2020
  • Corona-Krise

Stay healthy!

LIQUI MOLY Managing Director Ernst Prost about individual responsibility

Ladies and gentlemen

"Stay healthy!" This wish has been heard, seen and read a thousand times in the last weeks and months. A good wish, even if it has already become a substitute for "best regards" or a respectful "Yours truly" in every second e-mail. Staying healthy - even when Corona is over - that is a life task - Honestly!

3,000 road deaths every year, only in Germany, as sure as the Amen on the corresponding funerals. Stay healthy - okay... I am curious to see if this slogan "Stay healthy" will soon be used in Bacardi advertisements, for example. Because it's not so easy to stay healthy with a drunk liver or a smoker's lung... The taste of freedom and adventure or the big wide world does not have much to do with the smoking death stalks that demonstrably cost their users a few years of life and lead to the premature death of a few million smokers worldwide. 

950,000 people die every year in Germany: accidents, unhealthy lifestyles, congenital diseases, bacteria, viruses and germs. Which of these deaths is natural and which unnatural? Which death was inevitable and which could have been avoided? - Danger lurks everywhere. Something that wants to kill us beings can be found around every corner or in every tobacco shop/spirit store. "Some peoples death's have been attributed to their lifestyle"... I believe it's by Voltaire, and Erich Kästner said: "Life in general is perilous." In spite of everything, it's true that at least in Europe we live in one of the safest times in human history !!! For that I am infinitely grateful.

Let us hope the one accountable - I prefer to call them the responsible - have learned from this disastrous crisis management around Corona and are better prepared for the next epidemic, which will come as surely as spring, summer, autumn and winter. And they do so now, immediately, while the impressions are still fresh and tax money is still available: To protect lives, for better health care and higher wages for those who protect this life of ours.

So stay healthy! Take care of yourself and do everything you can to make sure it doesn't happen otherwise! A good part of our life and also our health is already in our own hands - not only in Corona times! 


With kind regards :-)

Ernst Prost