• 08/09/2018
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Simple and efficient in use: The Special Rim Cleaner

Making the LIQUI MOLY car care series shine

Looked after wheels are a genuine eye catcher on cars. They upgrade any vehicle. However, adhesive dirt, such as brake dust, salt and dirt from the roads can make expensive wheels look dull and damage them. Regular cleaning counteracts these issues. Our special wheel cleaner is a useful tool. It intensively cleans persistent dirt to bring back the shine to your wheel arches. It contains no acids, is biodigradable and thus environmentally friendly.

Using it is simple:

  • Spray special wheel cleaner onto dirty wheels.
  • Leave for around 5 to 7 minutes depending on the degree of contamination.
  • Once the cleaner has turned purple, it has reached its ideal cleaning effect. Use a sponge or brush for extremely persistent dirt.
  • Thoroughly rinse off the released dirt using a strong water jet




Low work, high shine

LIQUI MOLY Development Director David Kaiser explains what makes a good rim cleaner:

Are chemicals absolutely necessary for the cleaning of wheels? Those who regularly and thoroughly clean their wheels, especially the rims, can attain a more or less acceptable result with conventional cleaners, garden hose and brush. A rim cleaner offers a better result and with far less work

What makes a rim cleaner better? It is a specialist, the ingredients of which are geared towards the various materials. They work quickly and intensively. Furthermore, they protect the material and therefore the cleaning is far less strenuous. After all, over the course of time, a stubborn coating of road dirt, lubricating greases and the wear of rubber, metal and brake pads forms on the rim. This can hardly be coped with without special chemicals.

What is important for the combination of active ingredients? There are numerous points here: As already mentioned, the ingredients of the cleaner must be compatible with a variety of different materials. Acids and alkalies clean well, but damage the material. It is therefore a question of balancing the mixture in such a way that it is compatible with metals, particularly those of alloy rims, paints, rubber mixtures and polycarbonates. In this area, our Special Rim Cleaner did particularly well in the past test of the auto motor und sport magazine in cooperation with Dekra. Meanwhile, most modern rim cleaners such as our product have a pH value of more than seven and are therefore uncritical to other materials in the car under normal conditions of use.

What characterizes a high-quality rim cleaner in its use? These are chemicals. That's why we have equipped our spray bottle with a safety lock so that nobody triggers a spray unintentionally. Quality products deliver a flawless cleaning result after the exposure time stated on the label. Cleaners with an effect indicator are ideal. The testers of auto motor und sport also made the same conclusion. On the one hand, such products make use easier and they often also clean better.

How does the indicator work? Let’s take the LIQUI MOLY Special Rim Cleaner as an example. Its ingredients react with the dirt particles containing metal. It changes its color. This shows that it is working. At the same time, they reliably dissolve the dirt.

This is surely a question of price, isn’t it? By no means. Auto motor und sport has found that the price is not decisive. Our product was ranked as good and affordable with one other amongst a total of ten cleaners. In the rim cleaner test of the GTÜ together with Auto Zeitung, our product was even the price/performance winner. So, quality does not have to be expensive.

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