• 04/07/2021

Real all-rounder: LIQUI MOLY Multi-Spray Plus 7

If you’re looking for an all-round multifunctional oil, look no further. The product's practical benefits speak for themselves – seven times over

LIQUI MOLY Multi-Spray Plus 7

We all know the problems: rusty garden gates, squeaking door hinges, screws that have got stuck – an all-purpose oil is the ideal solution in each case. Our Multi-Spray Plus 7 is not just the perfect choice, it entirely lives up to its name by offering seven practical benefits:

  • Displaces moisture and starts wet engines
  • Protects the entire electrical system as well as eliminating creeping currents and short circuits
  • Loosens stuck screws
  • Keeps moving parts running smoothly on a lasting basis
  • Provides protection from corrosion and oxidation
  • Maintains rubber parts and prevents freezing
  • Prevents squeaking noises and does not impact on plastics, paint finishes, metals or wood

Versatile assistant on an everyday basis

Whether garage or household: our spray lubricates, cleans, loosens, protects and preserves. Its talents are many, and its areas of application are highly diverse – which is precisely what makes it the ideal assistant on an everyday basis.

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