• 04/22/2021
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Practical and successfully tested: Oil Spot Remover & Special Rim Cleaner

Our Oil Spot Remover and Special Rim Cleaner impress users in the test

Special Rim Cleaner

A product from our care series produced convincing results in another test. Rims have a decisive role in keeping your vehicle looking good. Whether brake dust, mud, salt or limescale residue: A beautiful rim always needs to be maintained. Especially now after winter, it is better to clean your rims before putting them into storage. A drive through the car wash is often not enough to remove stubborn dirt. Pre-treatment is recommended, ideally with our Special Rim Cleaner.

The Automobile Club of Germany (AvD) gave it a "very good“ rating in a test. Anyone who "wants to leave the work entirely to the cleaner and limit their work to rinsing the rim with water" is "best served“ with our favorable test winner, among other products.

This cleaner gives a sparkle to your car's spring clean! And anyone looking for more vehicle care products will find what they’re looking for in our wide range.


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Rim cleaner special in the application

Oil Spot Remover

When topping up the oil or because of the "natural leakage of older vehicles", oil spots may appear on the surface. Anyone who wants to remove these oil spots needs the right tools to do so...

LIQUI MOLY Oil Spot Remover, for example. For oil-contaminated absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces such as screed, brick, asphalt, concrete and ceramics, the Oil Spot Remover ensures clean floors quickly and reliably again.

Its efficiency has now been confirmed by the trade journal "Motorrad" in the 08/2021 edition: It tested our Oil Spot Remover and rated it as "good". Already in the first cleaning test, the product produced good results on paving stones and concrete slabs. See this quality for yourself:


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