• 03/20/2022
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Perfectly prepared for the new motorcycling season

Stop hibernating! Get out and enjoy your bike with LIQUI MOLY Motorbike

With LIQUI MOLY you start perfectly prepared for the new motorcycle season

Once low temperatures and fog have made way, warming sunlight heats up the atmosphere. Nature and humans are injected with new energy. By now you are having that tingling feeling in your accelerator hand. For motorcycling aficionados this feeling is like a resurrection. However, beloved motorcycles also need something to bring their technology and looks back to life after having hibernated for several months. Our comprehensive MOTORBIKE range provides the ideal solution for any application – making sure the first ride out will mark a smooth start into a fascinating and safe season!


Motorbike Engine Flush

Deposits, fuel residues, ash and soot contaminate the motor oil over time. The result: The motor oil no longer provides full performance and lubrication is less than optimal. Get those deposits out of the engine. The next oil change is the best place to start.

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Engine oils

Whether for a motorcycle, moped, scooter, trike, quad bike or go-cart. For the road, off-road or race circuit. We offer you motor oils perfectly tailored to the needs of two-wheeled vehicles. With our Oil Guide you can find the right motor oil for your bike.

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Oil Additive

Of all additives, this is our classic product and the first one we put on the market. Still available after 60 years, it now features an improved formula. It contains MoS2, the abbreviation for molybdenum sulfide: this is a graphite-like substance that acts as a solid lubricant.

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Motorbike Chain and Brake Cleaner

If you lubricate well, you ride well. The chain should be cleaned before your first trip.

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Motorbike Chain Lube white

For all highly loaded and fast-running motorbike chains with and without O/X rings. White, fully synthetic special grease.

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Brake Fluid DOT 4

Exceptionally well-suited to use on all disk and drum brake systems for which a synthetic brake liquid is prescribed.

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Motorbike Tire Inflator and Sealer

For every eventuality: Our first or breakdown aid for all tire sizes with and without a tube. The spray seals flat tires and reinflates them.

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