• 11/23/2020
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On a tour of Germany with the LIQUI MOLY calendar

Photo models take viewers to the sights between the North Sea and the Black Forest

The LIQUI MOLY motorsport calendar 2021

The LIQUI MOLY 2021 calendar awakens the urge to travel. Corona, on the other hand, has limited the possibilities for tourist adventures. As a backdrop to the calendar, the oil and additive specialist chose places from its home country: cities and landscapes in Germany. But the pandemic still has the upper hand – the photo shoot was held, not on site, but at a studio in Munich. And the calendar shows this more or less openly.

“The photo models take the viewer to 13 of the most well-known places in Germany. And because nobody knows how travel will be possible in 2021, we bring the holiday destinations into the workshop or home,” says LIQUI MOLY Managing Director Ernst Prost. From the North Sea to the Black Forest and from the Lorelei to Dresden, the motifs range in all directions.

If you look closely, you will discover objects that do not quite fit into the landscape. Because these items belong in a photo studio. This is where the calendar was produced. Instead of going out into nature and into the urban hustle, the action took place in the studio. The light shown on the left in the image, the turf not yet completely laid in the center or adhesive markings on the floor are not embarrassing errors, but entirely intentional.

“Breathing masks still seem unrealistic in everyday life and, in the same way, the calendar also toys with surreal aspects. The models and props are genuine, but the photo backgrounds are not, even if they seem so. The shots are a small escape from everyday life in charming company,” says Ernst Prost. 155,000 copies have been printed. 

And anyone who prefers motorized models to those on two legs and yearns more for the racing arenas of this world than for the Lorelei can hang up LIQUI MOLY’s motorsport calendar. It displays a selection from the extensive activities of the oil specialist: Motorbikes, racing cars and trucks, with exciting rides on the race track, off road and on water.

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