• 09/12/2017
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LIQUI MOLY celebrates Video Games Day

LIQUI MOLY is represented in the digital motorsports world as an official sponsor of teams and racing series

A day without computer and video games is almost unthinkable to many people around the world. In Germany, they are even officially considered a cultural asset. Furthermore, the gaming industry is an absolute boom market. In 2016 alone, the computer and video games industry generated almost 91 billion dollars of sales worldwide. And money can now be earned playing on computers and consoles in so-called "E-sport" LIQUI MOLY is represented in the digital motorsports world as an official sponsor of teams and racing series. Not least because of this we are also celebrating Video Games Day 2017.


This game is practically indispensable for fans of realistic racing simulation. The rally game is particularly convincing when it comes to the classic rally championships. You get to know the basic handling of the vehicles in the "DiRT school" and can choose between arcade and simulation game modes, making the game accessible for everyone. Be it chassis, tires or motor: all settings can be adjusted down to the smallest detail. The controls, the more than 50 different vehicles as well as the variety of track locations convince across the board. It is only with the graphics that the developers were not able to achieve a milestone, yet it is more than good to look at. Overall, no game in this genre currently offers a comparable quality.


For fans of the top tier of motorbike racing there is once again a game for the series this year: MotoGP17 is the officially licensed game that includes all riders and teams. It correspondingly offers all modes that a MotoGP heart could desire. The gameplay is very well-designed. Beginners and pros can set riding assistance so precisely that the difficulty level meets the ability exactly. The only shortcoming is again with the graphics: the representation of the motorbikes is very nice, yet more attention to detail could have been paid during the design of the surroundings. Nonetheless, MotoGP17 is the first choice for all fans of the motorbike top tier.