• 05/15/2020
  • Corona-Krise

"Lame lemmings?"

LIQUI MOLY managing director Ernst Prost on herd instinct and revolutionary

Ladies and gentlemen!


A thing does not become right or wrong because many or few people do it one way or another - or the other way around when evaluating right or wrong, herd instinct, public opinion and a prevailing world view are not necessarily helpful. Often enough the "lonely callers in the desert" were heard and honored - but only after they were laughed at before... By the way, the same applies to inventors. Humans have difficulties with new things, preserving what we are used to and just not changing anything - that is what we humans prefer. "We've never done it this way before!", "It didn't work before!", "Nobody else does it!" - These are the usual killer phrases with which one likes to strangle the new and different with references to the past, opinions and majorities. When everyone is  doing the same thing, variety and diversity suffer from a lack of imagination and monotony. Necessary change / renewal / improvement also does not take place without a spirit of optimism and courage, so rather variety than monotony! There is no such thing as a simple-mindedness! And long discussions are also foolish.

The lonely caller in the desert is a beautiful picture. Just like the fish that swims against the current. They say only dead fish swim with the current. Trying things out is part of a lively corporate culture and It is better to take a risk with the chance of failure than to dare nothing at all. The world is changing, and you have to go with it if you don't want to be left behind. Countless companies that have refused to progress are lying on the dung heap of history. WE, too, have to keep reinventing ourselves. We have to go new ways, try new things. This is another way to remain predictable - 'as a company that always has new ideas'. Read our latest issue of pictures and stories then you know what I mean.
We don't have to act like revolutionaries every day (actually why not?) but a little less administration and more creativity would be fine with me. We are all responsible for this, not only the research and development department or our politicians and ministries. After all, it's also about our future, and if you are worried about your own future you should put your worries aside and instead develop thoughts and impulses on how we can shape this future together. As a company, a society and an economy. I don't like this worried frown with reference to the oh so uncertain future. Fear paralyzes and the lame do not move.

We will remain successful and we will take action!


Ernst Prost