• 03/19/2020
  • Corona-Krise

"I am willing to give up my own salary in a pinch"

In his circular from 19.03.2020 CEO Ernst Prost emphasizes that the jobs at LIQUI MOLY are safe and nobody will be dismissed.

Dear companions, dear comrades-in-arms,

Indeed, these are no times for the faint-hearted. The recurring misery of this world is definitely unabated. Hunger, hardship and war do not stop for corona.

And corona is striking relentlessly: Hundreds of thousands of people infected and thousands already dead. And yet, at the same time, many, many more people are dying from other causes, such as hunger, lack of medical care and, as always, war. But this does not make the corona issue any less dramatic. Perhaps this global epidemic will make humanity smarter, more loving, more considerate and more sensible on a global scale. Who knows?!

For now, we must fight this virus and its dire consequences for jobs and businesses. The worst thing that could happen to us in the LIQUI MOLY / Meguin family now would be if the authorities were to close the factory due to an infection. Please be extremely careful and take every precaution to ensure that you do not get infected with the virus and then pass it on to colleagues. As long as we are producing and selling, we are doing our part to keep the economy going. We have to keep the business running at all costs and yet without endangering our health.

Experts fear that there may be hundreds of thousands of corona deaths and 25 million unemployed worldwide. Both must be avoided under all circumstances. The order of the day is to take responsibility now, for yourself and for others. Shirking our duties is out of the question. More than ever before, we need our brains, our hands and above all our hearts to overcome this crisis together. Please let us set solidarity & loyalty against egoism & recklessness. This character trait of solidarity & loyalty has always distinguished us and brought us to where we are today as a company and family. Most of us are old, experienced war horses: fit for life, battle- and crisis-proven.

I myself have already overcome all kinds of hardships – except, of course, the plague of 1347 ;-).  Please also consider the time to follow this crisis – this time will certainly come and then we will all be happy to say “We behaved decently, were compassionate, even in those bad times, and did our job in an exemplary way, to the benefit of the community.” Even in the greatest need, one should not make mistakes one will later regret in good times ... Somehow, this is also all a question of honor, decency and dignity.

With this in mind, I would like to welcome you warmly again today and reiterate my promise to you that no one will be laid off because of the corona crisis – neither in Germany nor in any other country in which we are active.  We are opening a protective umbrella over all our colleagues in our LIQUI MOLY / Meguin family. But we have to generate 57 million euro in wages and salaries this year. That’s what counts now: Everyone’s health and your secure income. In order to achieve this goal, I am also willing to give up my own salary without any ifs or buts. That too is a solemn promise, my dear colleagues.