• 04/19/2022

Even more relaxed traveling with the motorhome

LIQUI MOLY products ensure a pleasant vacation trip and preserve the value of your vehicle

For many people, the new normal for holidays: the motor home

Camping has been the trend for years. But since the corona pandemic, campsites have experienced an unprecedented rush. Millions of people worldwide are setting out in their own or rented camper vans. Our products ensure that everyone is safe and arrives in comfort and so can enjoy their days off as free from worries as possible – at least as far as the “drivable apartment” is concerned!

A mobile home: Anyone who travels with their motor home always expects reliability and wants to enjoy their vehicle for a long time to come. Fortunately, with its full range of over 4,000 items, LIQUI MOLY offers everything that makes just that possible. Whether it's engine oil, additives, care or service products, also for two wheels...you'll find what you're looking for here!

So, trust the LIQUI MOLY full range and enjoy your next trip! Because "Everything that drives works better with LIQUI MOLY" !

then as now...from stagecoach to camping boom

Plenty of fresh air and little comfort: While in those days grass, hay and water were the fuel for the stagecoach horses and the lubrication of their joints could not be influenced, today our high-performance lubricants with the corresponding specifications make for optimum lubrication, less wear and greater operational reliability for diesel and gasoline engines as well as transmissions.

Plenty of fresh air and much comfort: Back then, the carriage drawbar, swivel joints, wheel hubs and leaf springs only needed a simple cart ointment, but today’s vehicles receive, depending on the intended use, perfectly coordinated central lubrication system greases such as our Viscous Grease ZS K00K-40 or our special LM 47 Long-Life Grease + MoS₂.

While the horses just needed a simple sneeze to clear the airways every now and then, our Pro-Line Intake System Cleaner Diesel or our Pro-Line Throttle Valve Cleaner ensure a healthy “respiratory tract” for the recreational vehicles.


LIQUI MOLY products for a pleasant and relaxed journey

Whereas air-conditioned travel was unthinkable in those days, modern air conditioning systems today ensure optimal temperatures. For their maintenance we offer, matched to the refrigerant and viscosity, our PAG air conditioning oils. Our Klima Refresh and A/C System Cleaner ensure a pleasant scent and the neutralization of bacteria, yeast and mold formation in the heating and ventilation system.


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