• 04/24/2020
  • Corona-Krise

Cursing is the bowel movement of the soul

CEO Ernst Prost about powerful tackling instead of dodging anxiously.

Ladies and gentlemen, 
dear companions, 

if cursing is the bowel movement of the soul, then I have a healthy digestion :-) No, I don't want to keep my sorrows to myself, especially as it would burden my soul... this crisis reveals so many things. Three times a day I remember the saying: You see a true friend only when you are in need, there are surprises in both directions ... But Hölderlin's discovery that when danger increases, the capacity for good and the willingness for help also increases, can be monitored every day. Some people rise above themselves, take action, provide support and make their own personal contribution to mastering this crisis and help people.

However, you don't always see those with strong arms and big shoulders (and a big purse) on the front line, as it should be, but those with a big heart, whom our Lord God has equipped with empathy and compassion, with creativity and a sense of responsibility. Even in times of crisis, some people can't stop thinking about themselves first, and then about themselves again and finally about themselves. It must have been similar on the Titanic... now we are not a ship, but a company with 1,000 people on board - that is the crew - and a few more 10,000 passengers - these are our customers, our business friends...
We are in turbulent waters but no heel. There is headwind but that is nothing new for us, maybe we'll have to row harder - that will be the case for sure. Well then, let's do it! We'll probably also have to scoop out where the water's got in, so what? No problem! - But getting lifeboats ready is not an option and certainly not practicing "save yourself if you can" or even ordering "man overboard". It just doesn't suit us, I'd rather swear and get down to business than try to get away with full pockets. 

When was the last time you saw or heard from our competition? Everybody took cover, is in home office or on limited hours. The only one working is the answering machine... Wonderful! That's what I expected and that's all a large multinational corporation is capable of. The right time and the unique chance for a major attack on our competition!! The boys already take cover in normal times and are afraid to do something wrong. We, on the other hand, can now really get going and show off. We can step on the gas and we can show, that we as a company take, our role in society - and do so responsibly. We sell like world champions, but we also help like world champions. There is no calculation behind this - it is our nature. I see how we give our very best every day with every fiber of our heart, soul and brain. Money, manpower and compassion, it can't and shouldn't be any other way. Whoever is sitting on his sofa now and whoever waits until everything is going to be okay has not understood what a company is for and what makes a person what he is.

Some speak of the economy on the one hand and the citizens on the other. This picture is not correct. The citizens are the economy and the economy consists of citizens. Look at other countries and see how much pain people feel when the economy collapses. A functioning and controlled economy is the source of prosperity, security and also of people's health. I ask no more of anyone than I ask of myself, we must now serve the economy and thus the people - in Germany and also in all the countries where customers and friends of ours live and work. Two thirds of our business is done through our exports outside Germany. You can't just take, you have to give! That is the least we 1,000 should, can, may and must do now in all consistency. I am counting on you - just like for the last 30 years and you can count on me!


Ernst Prost