• 04/15/2020
  • Corona-Krise

"1 million euros isn't what it used to be, let's make it 3 million"

Ernst Prost announces to raise the amount of products donated to "those who are looking out for our health and lives" to the value of 3 million euros.

Dear comrades-in-arms!

1 million Euro is not what it used to be, on Maundy Thursday we made a donation of Liqui Moly products in the excess of 1 million euros. We want to help hospitals, rescue services and fire brigades with free products to be ready for action. A good deed which has been accepted incredible well, up to now we have almost 1500 shipments to make...most of them we will definitely be completed this and next week.

After only a few days I realize what a gigantic avalanche I kicked off. I didn't know that we (thank God) have so many first responder vehicles and hospitals in Germany :-). We'll just add an additional 2 million Euro of free products to those who are looking out for our health and lives! Who wants to be stuck on the open road on the way to the hospital, just because the engine died? It's a simple thing to do we will now give  not for 1 but 3 million euro of our products free of charge!

Here you find the link to the request form.

What else? Well, the order intake is weak but we still get orders in every day. Thank you customer, and thank you sales staff. We will continue to be steadfast and  produce and build up inventory. At the same time we are putting all our energy into advertising: double-sided ads, saturate social media channels and 200 additional TV spots by mid-year. That is also a few million € extra investment .... Not exactly the teaching of cost-optimizing business administration ... but it is part of our plan to keep the shop 1. running and 2. to get back to full power after the crisis. I expect an increased demand in 4-6 weeks at the latest. Then the business will be done by the one who can deliver. That will be us, because we can draw from our inventory and because we have proven that we can be relied on - especially throughout crises.

With great confidence and undiminished optimism. 


Ernst Prost