• 06/22/2022
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The easy way to a nicely maintained convertible soft top

Summer time is convertible time: The LIQUI MOLY Convertible Soft Top package guarantees long-lasting fun with your convertible

Convertible Soft Top Cleaner

Quick, thorough and gentle: The Convertible Soft Top Cleaner takes care of the most common contamination such as dirt from the road, insect remains, bird droppings, soot or other environmental influences. Plastics made from polycarbonate or rear windows made from PVC are not damaged, even if used regularly. Anti-static components ensure that the electrostatic attraction of dirt particles is minimized. They do not stick as strongly and are easier to remove. This thorough cleaning forms the ideal basis for then waterproofing the soft top and therefore making it winter-proof, if required.

This is how you clean the convertible soft top in five steps:

  • Carry out thorough cleaning in advance (car wash, wash box or hand wash).
  • Dampen the soft top again before use, so that the cleaner can soak right in.
  • Allow the cleaner to soak for approx. three minutes. Massage in the Convertible Soft Top Cleaner with a soft brush.
  • Then rinse the soft top with a hose.
  • Allow the soft top to dry in the shade, not in direct sunlight.

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Fabric impregnation

The convertible soft top is often exposed to the rain. Optimum protection against moisture and wet conditions is offered by the fabric impregnation. This allows the fabric to remain breathable and smooth. The soft top is protected against dirt, grease and other environmental influences and therefore remains attractive in the long term. Practical additional use: The fabric impregnation can also be used for anoraks or tents, for example.

These five things should be looked out for during impregnation:

  • The surface should be clean and dry before hand.
  • Apply waterproofing from 20 cm and spray on thinly.
  • Only use in well ventilated areas.
  • If more coats are desired: The previous coat must first be completely dried out in order to avoid spots.
  • For plastic soft tops, Plastic Deep Treatment is recommended for long-term protection.

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