Doping for your fuel: Octane Booster


If you want to get even more out of your gasoline engine, LIQUI MOLY has a chemical chip tuning solution for you

Small can, big effect!

Our Octane Booster improves the throttle response in the lower and medium load range – i.e. exactly the range in which modern turbo engines are usually driven. At the same time, it keeps the injection nozzles as clean as possible, thanks to the cleansing agent it contains, which in turn leads to clean combustion with low emission values. This also optimizes fuel consumption. By improving the octane rating, the knocking of the engine at high revs is reduced.

More than “just” a booster!

The Octane Booster has an ultra-modern formulation that contains an active ingredient to increase the octane number, a cleansing substance and a constituent for better atomization of the injected fuel. So the additive is much more than just a simple octane booster. Modern direct-injection engines in particular require high-quality fuel in order to run as efficiently as possible. These engines can also take advantage of the increased octane rating of the fuel.

Fuel for the fuel of sporty drivers!

Especially sport-oriented drivers of high-performance gasoline engines who want to enjoy their car for as long as possible in addition to attaining maximum vehicle performance, but also drivers of modified production vehicles (e.g. through chip tuning) will be thrilled by the Octane Booster.

Regular use makes high performance the rule!

In order to achieve maximum vehicle performance, we recommend adding a can (min. 30 l / max. 70 l of fuel) with every refueling.

Octane Booster

  • increases the octane number
  • cleans the fuel system
  • cleans intake ports
  • improves acceleration
  • improves combustion
  • Ideally taps the performance potential of the engine
  • Compatible with all gasoline qualities