Air conditioning

Great air conditioning thanks to LIQUI MOLY

Bacteria gone – no more musty smells
The LIQUI MOLY A/C System Cleaner removes bacteria, fungi and germs from the air conditioning system – without disassembly. It forms a protective film on the evaporator and ensures fresh and clean air. Has a long-term effect.

Effective application with the LIQUI MOLY special gun
The specially designed spray probe makes it possible to treat the entire surface of the evaporator. Compressed air is used to spray the A/C System Cleaner into the evaporator fins via a 360° nozzle.

Unlike other products, the evaporator is not merely scented but is thoroughly cleaned and freed of deposits between the fins.

Everything you need to know about air conditioner cleaning can be found here on our website.

A neat, comprehensive package
In addition to the special gun with long probe, the practical spray tank and the 5 l cleaner, the package also includes stickers, 50 rear-view mirror tags and 20 end customer folders. All common vehicle types with application descriptions are listed on the Internet for our customers.

AC-System instructions

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