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What are additives?

LIQUI MOLY explains what the vitamins for the engine are all about


You can fill LIQUI MOLY additives directly into the engine or into the fuel tank before refuelling. A visit to the workshop is not necessary for this application (application instructions can be found on the back of the product).

Can money be saved by using an additive?

LIQUI MOLY additives have some obvious advantages, for example when fuel consumption is reduced or engine running is optimized. But the indirect benefits are even more important. When the engine, oil and fuel system are cleaned, maintained and preserved using LIQUI MOLY additives, this increases the reliability of the vehicle and extends its service life. So you can easily save money on expensive repairs with our additives.

Added value through the use of additives

Soiled engine

Any combustion process leaves tiny particles in the engine. These are deposits that accumulate in the combustion chambers and on injection nozzles, valves or jet needles. The result: Engine performance degradation, increased fuel consumption, higher soot emissions and more pollutants. LIQUI MOLY additives remove existing deposits and prevent new ones. Combustion is optimized.


Leaking radiator

If there is a leak in the cooling system, the problem can be solved with additives. The additives seal small leaks immediately and completely. The constant refilling of cooling water and the time-consuming search for leaks are no longer necessary.


Low temperatures

At temperatures below 0 °C, the paraffin in the diesel can crystallize and clog the fuel filter. This can be prevented with Diesel Flow Fit from LIQUI MOLY. Depending on the quality of the fuel, it keeps the diesel liquid down to temperatures of minus 31 °C.


Fuel quality

Modern engines depend on fuel of high quality. However, this may vary from country to country, sometimes even from petrol station to petrol station. With inferior fuel, the engine does not reach its full power and runs unevenly. The fuel does not burn cleanly, residues accumulate inside the engine, and this can lead to damage. LIQUI MOLY additives can significantly improve fuel quality.


Seasonal/retired vehicles

Gasoline does not last indefinitely, but deteriorates with age. With the right LIQUI MOLY additive, this aging process can be slowed down and the fuel system protected against corrosion at the same time. This is important for vehicles that are not driven for several months. This also makes sense for other gasoline engines such as lawnmowers and chainsaws that are not used for a long time. Otherwise, engine problems due to over-stored gasoline and engine damage due to corrosion may result. It can also be dangerous for diesel vehicles that are left to stand for lengthy periods, such as agricultural/construction machinery, boats and camping vehicles. Under favorable conditions, fungi, bacteria and yeasts can multiply in diesel fuels. Through day/night breathing of the tank, the water required for growth collects as condensation water at the tank bottom and is distributed in small quantities throughout the fuel. In addition, chemically bonded elements such as sulfur, phosphorus and trace elements in diesel are decisive for growth. These fungi, bacteria and yeasts then clog filters and fuel lines. To prevent microbes in the tank, LIQUI MOLY’s Anti-Bacterial Diesel Additive should be used regularly to prevent the formation of bacteria.


Oil loss

If a car loses oil or consumes an excessive amount, this may be due to old seals. LIQUI MOLY also offers additives for this field of application. They regenerate rubber and plastic seals and make them soft and supple again. This eliminates the oil loss. These ingredients take about 600 to 800 kilometers to develop their full effect.


Oil additives

They are added directly to the oil and are suitable for all commercially available motor oils and transmission fluids. They improve the properties of the oil and thus reduce wear and oil consumption. Additional smooth running properties reduce internal friction and fuel consumption. The service life of the engine and transmission is increased and operational reliability is guaranteed.

Where can I buy the oil additives?

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Fuel additives

They are added directly to the diesel or gasoline. Fuel additives remove deposits in the entire fuel system, on the injection valves/nozzles, intake valves, spark plugs and in the combustion chamber, and prevent them from forming again. They maintain all components of gasoline injection systems, protect the entire fuel system from corrosion, optimize the engine’s exhaust emissions and performance capacity, and improve throttle response. Clean engines use less fuel and thus reduce their emissions.

Where can I buy the fuel additives?

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Coolant additives

These are added directly to the cooling system. Radiator Cleaner releases impurities containing lime and oil, crusts and sludge in the cooling system. Radiator Stop Leak reliably closes small leaks as well as hairline cracks and porous soldering joints in the cooling system. Radiator Stop Leak can be used preventively or to solve a problem

Where can I buy the coolant additives?

Where to buy

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