• 07/11/2017
  • Motorbike

A very special motorcycle tour with LIQUI MOLY: The Road to Nordkapp 2017

With LIQUI MOLY on the motorcycle from Singapore to the North Cape. An interview with Rahim Resad

Road to Nordkapp 2017

Traveling on motorcycle from Singapore to Nordkapp in Norway seems like a very difficult challenge indeed. But for one man it was a challenge worth doing, in aid of the charity Free Food For All. We spoke to the man himself, Rahim Resad. 

How did you come up with the idea of traveling to the Nordkapp from Singapore?

Ever since I was a young man, I wanted to see the world. I had already explored the South Asia region, which is closer to home. I got the idea about traveling from Singapore to Nordkapp in 2009. The idea was that I would cycle from the south to extreme north. Slowly, I worked towards that goal. In 2015, I set off on my bicycle cycling from Singapore, through Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and into China. But I injured my left knee and had to fly back home. I didn't give up my dreams to travel to Nordkapp by road. While resting and recovering for a year, I made plans to travel to Nordkapp by motorcycle.

Why did you decide to work with LIQUI MOLY and how do you rate its products? Did they manage to provide you with the support you needed?

The Singapore registered charity - Free Food For All (FFFA), which I am riding for, contacted Liqui Moly Singapore for Support. Mr Brendan Ang, met the founder of the charity, Mr Nizar and myself to discuss the ways in which Liqui Moly could support this meaningful mission. I must say it's a great partnership and the support from Liqui Moly is great. They provided professional servicing of my motorcycle in Mandalay in Myanmar, in Almaty in Kazakhstan and in Moscow in Russia. They also supported me by providing replacement parts. I'm so grateful. I have to say that the Liqui Moly products that I used for The Road To Nordkapp project worked wonderfully! My engine ran so smoothly that I was able to ride it for longer stretches!

What was the most difficult thing for you during the tour?

There were many difficulties. For example, we were crossing into China via the Khunjerab Pass (4693 meters above sea level) from Pakistan. According to the weather reports, the Khunjerab Pass should be clear of snow. Therefore, after clearing the Pakistani immigration and customs in Sost, we rode up to the Khunjerab Pass, heading to the border crossing into China. To our surprise, when we got up to Khunjerab Pass 10 km before the border crossing, there was snow on the ground and it was snowing! We took about 2.5 hours to get through the last 3 km and reach the Chinese border crossing. I fell of the bike repeatedly because there was ice under the snow. I was extremely tired and shaken when we reached the Chinese border. On the Chinese side of the crossing, they took 5 hours to clear us. By then it was dark and snowing. It was night when I rode down from the Chinese border crossing in cold, windy surroundings. And it was snowing. I ended up hospitalized in Torghuskan Hospital, where I was treated for altitude sickness!

Did you have any major issues with your motorbike? To which workshops did you take your bike?

Leaving Astana for Kostanay in Kazakhstan on our way to the Russia border crossing, I heard sounds coming from my bike shaft. I parked the bike and inspected it, and to my horror, I discovered that the counter shaft had worn off. I managed to meet a local mechanic in Astana, Mr Valeriy, who is also a bike enthusiast. We spoke and I told him my situation and he asked that I follow him to his home workshop. Because there are not many parts available in Astana, he took me to a welding professional, who welded the crank to the counter shaft. As for bike serving by Liqui Moly, that was in Mandalay, Almaty and Moscow (Pro Racing)

What is the most important achievement of the tour for you personally?

On a personal level, I have always tried as much as I can to help the less fortunate as much as possible. So when I was approached by Free Food For All to use The Road to Nordkapp 2017 project to create awareness and help raise funds, I made it part of the challenge and it was a really important part of this tour. Secondly, it is my personal challenge to be able to take on every obstacle, the ups and downs, and do my best to meet the challenge. And I made it with the best support from Liqui Moly Singapore, Liqui Moly Asia and Liqui Moly HQ. Without them, it's hard for me to imagine doing this tour.