• 03/08/2022
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A spring clean for the engine

Spring check: How to make your engine look as good as new – both inside and out

Clean oil circuit, clean performance

Motor Clean

When the cold season is over, oil sludge, condensation and other deposits may be left in the oil. If you're planning an oil change soon, you should make the most of the opportunity to clean the engine on the inside, too: Motor Clean is the perfect solution here.


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Highly effective cleaning additives break down sludge and other dirt, which is then drained out along with the used oil Once the oil change has been prepared and carried out in this way, the fresh oil can take full effect in the engine, reducing wear and tear. What is more, this optimizes exhaust emissions and prevents deficient lubrication.


Should you require additional protection for your engine, we offer three oil additives for use with engine oil that improve engine wear and tear. You can find out here which additive is suitable for which purpose.

A clean injection system for improved running smoothness

Super Diesel Additive

Recommended for spring cleaning a diesel engine on the inside: Super Diesel Additive. It removes deposits in the injection system and combustion chamber and prevents these from reforming. Clean engines have a lower level of fuel consumption and ensure reduced exhaust emissions.

The additive provides care and protection for all components of the injection system and prevents the jet needles from fusing and gumming. It also increases the cetane rating, thereby improving the ignition performance of the diesel fuel. Super Diesel Additive makes for a smooth-running engine and protects the entire fuel system from corrosion and wear, ultimately improving emission levels and engine performance.


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Injection Cleaner

Vitamin boost for petrol engines: Injection Cleaner removes deposits on injection valves, intake valves, ignition plugs and in the combustion chamber and prevents these from reforming. It eliminates start problems and rough engine running, as well as providing care and protection for all components of the petrol injection system. Injection Cleaner protects the entire fuel system from corrosion, thereby improving throttle response and compression. In this way it provides enhanced emission levels and engine performance.


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As good as new on the outside, too

Engine Compartment Cleaner

Whether dust, dirt or road salt: when the winter is over, the engine compartment can look fairly rough and there is a risk of corrosion, too. The Engine Compartment Cleaner gives engine compartments a fresh new look, loosening oil residue, greasy soiling, tar and brake dust. The Engine Compartment Cleaner offers impressive fast-action cleaning. It is neutral towards plastics, rubber and paint and is free of chlorinated hydrocarbons (CFC).


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After application of the Engine Compartment Cleaner you should preserve your engine to ensure it retains its sparkling new look for a while to come. The Motor-Conserve is a high-gloss, water-repellent protective coating which preserves the engine compartment. It prevents corrosion and is dirt-repellent. The engine, ignition leads and other units are safeguarded from dirt and damp due to a water-repellent and non-adhesive protective film. The Motor-Conserve dries quickly, as well as being compatible with metal, rubber and plastic parts.


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