• 11/22/2017
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For the motor's "hibernation"

With the Petrol Stabiliser the motor will reliably start again in the spring

Every year it's the same: The convertibles, motorbikes and summer vehicles such as classic cars go into well-deserved hibernation. Even the lawnmower and other, motor-operated gardening devices get a break. One problem with "hibernation": Corrosion due to condensation in the tank, but also oxidation as well as aging of the fuel in the tank. With the Petrol Stabiliser this is a thing of the past.

After all, LIQUI MOLY offers precisely the right solution here. It is a modern, ash-free substance combination with conserving and material-protecting properties, that is formulated by the latest, state-of-the-art additive and fuel technology. This additive is suitable for all 4 and 2-stroke gasoline motors.

Its use is extremely simple: 25 ml from the dosing device conserves 5 l of fuel – before decommissioning, add the corresponding amount to the tank and let the motor run for approx. 10 min. That will allow you to continue to enjoy your vehicles and devices after winter. The Petrol Stabiliser is available everywhere with good car accessories.



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