• 09/14/2021

Excellent motorcycle care

Test winner and a good third place: LIQUI MOLY Motorbike Visor Cleaner and Motorbike Cleaner impress in tests


The fact that LIQUI MOLY Motorbike has really good products in its range for your motorized two-wheeled treasures is nothing new. But our two test results are hot off the press for two products that are real help in every rider’s day-to-day life. Perfect visibility for the helmet and a long- lasting cleaning effect for the motorcycle itself: Our Visor Cleaner and Motorbike Cleaner make this possible and have just won new awards!



MOTORBIKE test winner: Our Visor Cleaner

Our products stand for the highest quality. We do our utmost to achieve this every day. If our customers value this quality, it is a sign that we are doing everything right. And it is an honor when journalists select one of our products as the winner in a test. In the current issue 19/21 of Europe’s largest motorcycle magazine MOTORRAD, for example. There, our Motorbike Visor Cleaner received the rating of “good” and won the comparison with our competitors’ products. The conclusion:

“Full marks for removing hardcore dirt, no problems with material compatibility, and the Ulm-based chemical product professionals also collect plenty of points for ease of application. Conclusion: a clear test winner!”

Our Visor Cleaner maintains and cleans helmets, visors and protective goggles. It also offers active anti-misting for common glass and plastic surfaces, including long- term effect. Removes dirt, insects, oil and silicone residue. It provides a clear view and increased safety. The test winner seal will now also be unmistakably marked on the spray bottle of our Visor Cleaner. So, make sure you too have a perfect view
on every ride


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Preservation of value, thanks to a good special cleaner: Our Motorbike Cleaner

After long trips or at the end of the season, a lot of dirt has often accumulated. Rim spokes, hard-to-reach places behind motorcycle cases and exhaust trims – spun-off chain grease stubbornly clings to the frame and wheel. Here it is important to rely on a reliable special cleaner for long-term value retention. The best choice is LIQUI MOLY Motorbike Cleaner, which has now been subjected to a comprehensive endurance test by the testing and expert organization KÜS together with the trade magazine Motorrad News. The result: Our Motorbike Cleaner was rated “good”!

To evaluate its cleaning performance, various test soilings were applied to painted and aluminum surfaces and allowed to dry. This simulates the real operating conditions under which a motorcycle becomes soiled to varying degrees over time. The most difficult task here is to remove an extremely sticky test dirt that resembles chain grease. This grease not only clings stubbornly to the drive chain, but also to other parts of the motorcycle when it is thrown off the chain together with dirt particles. Our Motorbike Cleaner has been specially developed for motorcycles, scooters, quad bikes and snowmobiles and is free of environmentally harmful solvents. If you want to
see your machine shine all the time...


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