MotoGP is the most successful motorbike racing series in the world. All 18 races each year are broadcast to more than 200 countries and are watched by a total of 280 million people each season. On average, more than 100,000 spectators experience the race in person. Of course, this is something Germany's most popular oil brand has to be a part of.

Since 2015, LIQUI MOLY has been the exclusive lubricant supplier to Moto2 and Moto3. All teams of these classes use our Motorbike 4T Synth 5W-40 Race. A product that meets every requirement – not just during a race, but also with our customers.

The LIQUI MOLY logo is present at 14 out of 18 race weekends as well as at the racetrack and on the internet and television around the world. Plus, our LIQUI MOLY show truck awaits the fans at the track at several European races

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The MotoGP racing series also have a very practical use: Thanks to our involvement all LIQUI MOLY motorbike products can be tested under the toughest of conditions and be continuously developed for everyday use. The best argument for our unbeatable MOTORBIKE range.

Sponsor of the Intact GP team

Sandro Cortese

Racing Series:Moto2
Date of birth:1/6/1990
Place of birth:Ochsenhausen
Height:168 cm
Weight63 kg

Sandro Cortese became world champion in the Moto3 class in 2012. After this he moved up to the higher performance Moto2 class. There only prototypes with four-stroke motors of up to 600 cm³ are permitted. The minimum weight for the engines is 53 kg and 135 kg for the entire bike.

Marcel Schrötter

Racing series:Moto2
Date of birth:02.01.1993
Place of birth:Landsberg am Lech
Height:171 cm
Weight:68 kg

In the 2017 season the IntactGP team will be reinforced by Marcel Schrötter. The talented Bavarian has been riding in Grand Prix motorcycle racing since 2010 and switched to the Moto2 class in 2013.

MotoGP events list

October 2017

MotoGP | Australian Grand Prix

MotoGP | Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix

November 2017

MotoGP | Gran Premio de la Comunitat Valenciana