Formula 1 with LIQUI MOLY: all dates

LIQUI MOLY is part of Formula 1. We are advertising at the trackside – as one of just a few selected brands. Whether live on site or on the television: when the big names in motor racing's top discipline battle it out for podium positions, our logo will be in on the action! On the left you can see all the races with a LIQUI MOLY presence.

Our logo will be on show at half the races, including at legendary race tracks such as the Hockenheimring, the Autodromo di Monza and the Suzuka International Racing Course. Formula 1 is by no means unfamiliar territory for LIQUI MOLY. In the 2000s we were involved with Team Jordan.

We are really proud to be regional sponsor of the exciting 2019 Formula 1 season. 


Formula 1 ® Hungary 2019 Race Highlights with LIQUI MOLY as Regional Sponsor

LIQUI MOLY in Formula 1 ®