• 10/11/2022
  • Motorbike

How to achieve motorbike hibernation

Get back onto the road without any worries after winter, instead of having to go to the garage first: No problem with the right care and conservation of your motorbike during the cold time of year.

Alongside increasing the tire pressure to 0.5 bar above the nominal value, propping up the motorbike is also one of the recommended "classics". This relieves the tires as no pressure points are created from standing. Storing the battery in a dry, cool and frost-proof place is just as advisable. It hibernates best with a minimal, even charge via a charger. The right care products are also essential.

LIQUI MOLY offers a whole range of helpful products for "mothballing" your bike. Be it thorough cleaning, careful conservation or "vitamins" for the tank: With this tool your motorbike will remain visually and technically fit over the winter. Our motorbike products also make a contribution towards the sustainable value maintenance of your motorbike. We will present our all-round package for secure motorbike hibernation to you in greater detail.

Motorbike Cleaner

  • biologically degradable
  • high washing and cleaning efficiency
  • fast acting
  • releases dirt, oil and grease residues
  • rapid and effective cleaning
  • protects the environment

Motorbike Glanz-Sprühwachs

  • removes greasy contaminants and light road dirt
  • excellent long-term protection
  • protects against aggressive environmental influences
  • high capacity
  • silicone-free
  • high gloss mirror finish
  • super-easy to polish

Motorbike Multi-Spray

  • does not attack plastics, paints, metals and wood
  • dissolves rust
  • lubricates and maintains
  • releases dirt
  • silicone-free
  • drives out moisture

Motorbike Lederkombipflege

  • keeps leather supple
  • excellent long-term protection
  • protects leather components from cracking

Motorbike Visor Cleaner

  • simple to use
  • assures a clear view and safety
  • prevents helmet visors from misting up