• 06/03/2020
  • Corona-Krise

The main thing is to be healthy?

LIQUI MOLY CEO Ernst Prost on being satisfied

Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear Companions! 

I can imagine that the people on the Titanic were all in decent health... but back then in their situation it didn't necessarily help them... People also need luck, to be in the right place at the right time and not the other way around, very often decides on success or failure - yes, even on life and death. It's not luck alone, efficiency is always helpful - as well as the proverbial due diligence and hard work ..... with these you can succeed in work (and life).  

As part of the work with my foundation I very often have to deal with the topic "The main thing is health". Let me quote our pastor from Leipheim at this point: "Of course, being healthy is important and beautiful - being ill is just bad, you often don't enjoy life any more. However, I know perfectly healthy people who are totally unhappy and dissatisfied, and I know seriously ill people who are very happy and satisfied. That makes me say, "Being at good health is important, it's nice - but it's not the main thing."  End quote.

The current permanent wish to "Stay healthy" has its justification, although I would still like to add "Please stay happy and satisfied too" as you cannot always choose or wish for your health. Therefore I take an example from people who enjoy life gratefully and cheerfully despite health impairments and less of the dissatisfied, grouchy, permanent naggers who still don't have enough and still want something else, and who can't be pleased with anything. Gratitude and humility, and above all life satisfaction works differently, I feel a deep respect for all those people who go through life in a happy mood despite health problems!

My motto number 736 :), which is ascribed to a certain Martinus von Biberach, fits to this: 

I come from I don't know where,
I am and I don't know who,
I live and I don't know how long ,
I die and I don't know when,
I drive, I don't know where:
But I'm not surprised,
that I'm so happy.

There's nothing like a healthy, positive, optimistic outlook on life. Let us enjoy life - we only have one!

So then: Stay healthy, happy and satisfied!


Ernst Prost