• 05/14/2020
  • Corona-Krise

“Readers & fighters”

LIQUI MOLY Managing Director Ernst Prost on interest and indifference

Dear co-entrepreneurs,


50% drop in earnings after four months. But the worst is not yet behind us; it is still ahead of us! Are you all still highly engaged? Are you all still hardcore about our goals? Are you still fighting day and night for our community, for our company, for our customers, and for our jobs? Because this will be essential, dear colleagues! All around us, unemployment figures are rising, as are insolvency applications. Sales are still lacking. The order situation is extremely weak. Some of our major customers are even on short-time work or affected by the lockdown until the end of the month. The month of May has two fewer working days than last year. That’s 10% less to start with. As of today, we have a 27% drop in sales … If things go badly and we can’t think of a better solution, then this month we're going to have the biggest crash ever in our 60-year history … That simply can’t leave any of us unmoved!

Fight for every can, for every canister, for every euro, and for every order. This I have stated as our prime directive. We are currently doing an unbelievable amount of work, are constantly active on the Internet, and are also publishing press releases, information for partners, newsletters and our legendary Pictures and Stories. Are you reading it? Are you looking at all the things we work on to keep from drowning? Success demands interest and curiosity. And, vice versa, failure is nothing more than the sad but logical consequence of “I don't care” …

Decide for yourself through your commitment whether you will help to secure 1,000 jobs in our company and a few 10,000 more at our customers, some of whom are in really bad shape and whose existence is even dramatically threatened – or whether you really don’t care about all that.

I appeal to you: Read, take an interest, inform yourself and stay highly motivated so that we all, together with our customers, not only survive this crisis in good health but also with success!

Enjoy reading and informing yourselves. Have fun fighting for the future and tackling the challenges! Our colleagues, all our customers, and also all our suppliers will thank us.


Stay successful!


Ernst Prost