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Quick and easy care for smooth paint and plastic surfaces as well as steel and alloy rims

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Wash, dry, preserve and polish. If you want to take care of your mobile treasures properly, you need time and dedication, right? Well, not always! Spray on, wipe off, done. The detailers for quick paintwork care on cars, motorcycles, bicycles and marine vessels make it possible.

Dieter Otto, expert for vehicle care

The name says it all: “Detailing is extremely intensive vehicle care down to the last detail,” says Dieter Otto. At LIQUI MOLY, he is the expert for vehicle care. But anyone who suspects that the detailers have been developed exclusively for care enthusiasts is mistaken. “The detailers are also aimed at pragmatists,” says Otto, “because a great result is achieved with comparatively little effort.”

Because the detailers not only add shine, they’re also good for tackling dirty jobs. Dust, paw marks and even bird droppings are effortlessly removed from cars by the spray. The extremely effective sprays seal smooth enamel for several weeks and add new shine. Water beads off treated surfaces and new dirt has a hard time spreading. This applies to smooth painted surfaces as well as smooth plastic surfaces, steel and alloy wheels.

The application of the detailers is just as versatile as their effect: The agent works on both dry and wet surfaces. “If the vehicle is still wet with morning dew, simply spray it on the paint and wipe off with a cloth,” Otto advises. A decisive factor for the result is the type of cloth. “The best thing is to use a high-pile microfiber cloth with laser cut. It prevents streaks and can absorb a lot of moisture.” As the saying goes: Good things come in pairs. That’s why we also offer the Polishing Microfiber Cloth in addition to the care product.

Another tip from the care expert: “The pump spray bottle does not contain any flammable aerosols. So you can safely carry the Detailer in your vehicle, even in the summer.”

  • Outstanding water beading effect
  • Easy to use
  • Protects against aggressive environmental influences
  • Prevents dirt from re-adhering within a short space of time.
  • Innovative protective formula
  • Removes minor dirt

Our Quick Detailer has already been awarded the rating “Good” in the KÜS test 04/2022! 

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Quick and simple application

  1. First of all, remove coarse dirt. Only in the case of dust or water stains, precleaning is not necessary.
  2. Shake well before use. 
  3. Then spray evenly onto the paint and wipe off with Polishing Microfiber Cloth. May also be used on damp paint. 

Note: Do not allow to dry and do not spray on hot surfaces or use in direct sunlight!